All About Us

About Us

Networking with other Muslims for the purpose of marriage in America is no easy task! That's why we teamed up with the Imams and community leaders to provide a free service to link you to a potential match in a confidential way. Just fill out some basic information about yourself and what you are looking for and let us try to connect you to a potential suitor inshallah.

Our Mission

The purpose of Muslim Matrimonial Network (MMN) is to create a local and national network of Muslim brothers and sisters who are seeking marriage. We carefully connect potential matches as a neutral party, and let both families continue from there. What makes our service different is that we encourage parents to be involved from the beginning. We also hope to create a safe space in which people can feel comfortable sharing their personal information.

Our Uniqueness

  1. Muslim Matrimonial Network (MMN) is dedicated for matrimonial networking only. It is very focused with a clear objective.
  2. We will personally connect the matched families. The families will proceed on their own.
  3. We do not get involved in the conversation between families.
  4. It is 100% free service, charity work; and we do not have any conflict of interest. We do our best to help the community members for the sake of Allah.
  5. This service is open to all Muslims from any ethnic background.
  6. Application submission process is done via online. Collected information is protected, and is not accessible to public.
  7. We will build network through families, friends, Masjids, Imams, and well-wishers from within Tennessee and other states, inshaAllah.