Why Join Us

You Can Trust Us

Our mission is to create a network of Muslim males and females who want to get married, and connect potential matches without getting involved between them

Free of Charge

This service is free of charge since we do this effort for the sake of Allah to benefit our Muslim community

Have No Fear

No fake profiles, No scammers, No online predators, and No string attached – Guaranteed!.

Background Check Access

We may offer a promotion code for you to conduct a background check on a potential suitor, if you wish to do so

How It Works

Sign-up & Create Profile

That special someone is not going to magically fall from the sky. You have to put a little effort into it. The first step is to sign up and create a profile with accurate details.

Discover Process

Muslim Matrimonial Network (MMN) will suggest a match for you based on the details you provided in your profile. So, please make sure that your profile details are accurate.

Initiate Contact

Once basic compatibility is established, please do Istikhara. Then, proceed to phone and/or online conversations (in the presence of a Mahrem), and eventually arrange a meeting in person (with Wali).

Pre-Marriage Conseling

When your hearts feel content, please proceed to Nikkah. Muslim Matrimonial Network (MMN) will provide you free of charge with pre-marriage conseling

Finding a suitable match for marriage is very difficult. This is especially true for good practicing Muslims (e.g. students of knowledge) who are encouraged to lower their gaze and minimize their interactions with the opposite gender. The most recommended approach is to seek help from one's parents, relatives, and friends; but often, they bring the same kind of prospects over and over that you are simply NOT interested in!

Muslim Matrimonial Network (MMN) is the ONLY private Muslim Matrimonial service, that is officially approved & recommended by our local religious scholars, to ensure that it meets reasonable/practical Islamic guidelines to provide a safe, secure, and trusted avenue for God-fearing Muslims to connect with other practicing Muslims, who are all seeking marriage through halal means.

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Supervisory Board

Sh. Osama Bahloul

Dr. Berthena Nabaa-McKinney

Dr. Khalid Akbar

Sr. Salam JD

Sr. Tahseen Fatima

Ismael Muallem

Dr. Jimmy Ardiansyah