Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our service different is that we encourage parents (families) to be involved from the beginning. We also hope to create a safe space in which people can feel comfortable sharing their personal information typically required for a marriage. The matching is based on preferences completed on the form. Once a potential match is found, only then full biodata and photos are requested and shared with both parties. MNM also can provide answers to questions about Muslim marriages through our Resident Scholar. Many people often feel embarrassed to ask for help from their local community leaders. We are here to help you network in a safe and confidential way. We may offer a promotion code for you to conduct a background check on a potential suitor, if you wish to do so.
The service is a courtesy of local leaders who only pray for your success in finding a spouse. It is free of charge! However, in order for this service to be successful you must start with a pure intention and remain honest about yourself.
The information you submit will be gathered as data that is secured, with a limited access by a select few. Initially, the photo upload is optional, however, we encourage you to upload an accurate representation of yourself (clear to see, no filters/sunglasses) because that may boost your chances of matching. Once a potential match is found, both parties will be asked to provide photos and some additional information or biodata. Those will be shared with both parties at the same time.
Please refer all questions to: and we will respond to you within a few days inshaAllah
This begins as a local initiative in Nashville, Tennessee with the hope of serving Muslims from all around North America. It is not limited to Muslims in Tennessee only. Inshallah a bigger network will provide more matches.